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About LRS UK

Continued Innovation

The leader in opticians handover paging systems since 2006. When we first started to develop handover paging solutions we developed new ways with Specsavers to increase profitability, close rate, quality of service, staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. On this website you can see the results - often copied by lower quality products that simply don't have the features but never bettered. Ever.

  1. First Innovation of Handover Paging Systems
  2. First 'Buddy' Handover Paging System
  3. First Multibutton Handover Paging System
  4. First Hybrid Handover Paging System

Our History

Back in the day, there were no handover paging systems! In fact there was almost no way of getting the optom, the customer and the OA's together in the test room. Extensive work by Specsavers sites and LRS UK resulted in the first handover paging system that could enhance profitability, staff efficiency, closure rate, quality of service and customer satisfaction. Once LRS UK had developed the original 'manager led' system we went on to develop the 'Buddy' system and the 'Whole Team' system that allowed Specsavers staff to work in different ways. More recently we have continued our innovation with our Hybrid handover solution.

Each method of using these LRS paging systems utilises unique LRS products that have features not found on any other paging system available today. We continued to innovate with the introduction by LRS UK of the OptiCall™ handover paging system that utilises six button options that are fully programmable so that Specsavers has fully customised solutions for each and every Specsavers site.

Recently we have been able to pass on savings in manufacturing and our current solutions are substantially lower in cost than when we introduced the LRS handover solutions to Specsavers back in 2008. These new OptiCall™ devices often out perform some earlier equipment, have far more features and benefits and can be programmed to extraordinary levels so that we can completely customise them for your exact scenario on site. For further information call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the contact form.