Butler II Buddy System

Specsavers Training

The Butler II 5 button Buddy system works where each test room sends a message to a specific dispenser or number of dispensers who serve that specific room.

The Butler II 5 Button 'Buddy' Handover Paging System from LRS UK for Specsavers

When you introduce competition in to any sales team, members will usually strive to be the best in supporting 'their' test rooms that they service. This idea was used to create our 'Buddy' paging system developed by LRS UK for Specsavers.


Any given test room will send a customised text message from the Butler II to individuals (usually 1 to 3 buddy members) that service that test room. The first one to arrive simply presses our 'cancel button' on the side of the Butler II which then sends out another message to the other 'buddies' in the group to confirm that the call has been handled. It makes the staff very efficient in handling customer handover in the test room.

Here is a short video of the operation of the Buddy System.

Click for larger view

The Buddy solution is suitable for any Specsavers site and is fully tried and tested in opticians environments with great success.

If you need further information or training on the use of the buddy paging system then please call 01782 537000 or use our contact form for help or advice.