Butler II Whole Team System

Specsavers Training

The Butler II 5 button Whole Team system works with each test room using a transmitter that activates ALL pagers. The next available OA goes to the test room to meet the customer.

The 'Whole Team' Butler II Opticians Handover paging System from LRS UK for Specsavers

When your Specsavers is busy often it can be hard to get OA's to the test room. Sometimes staff are in shorter supply (maybe over lunch time) but you still need the handover completing efficiently and smoothly. Our whole team solution was developed by Specsavers sites and LRS UK specifically to address these issues. This is the preferred LRS UK solution.


All test rooms are fitted with a Butler II (fully programmed to your exact requirements on all 5 buttons) and each OA has a pager. The solution will send a text message to ALL OA's on site. When the OA enters the test room they press the 'cancel button' on the Butler II which will send out a message to all OA's that the handover has been handled. When you depend on staff to answer calls to the test room this solution enables staff to be available immediately.

Here is a training video about the 'Whole Team' solution for Specsavers.

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Whole Team solutions make delays in attending to handover calls a thing of the past. Developed by LRS UK and Specsavers sites this solution is in use throughout the UK since 2008.

For any aspect of training or if you want to know more about the whole team paging system for opticians then use our contact form or call 01782 537000.