Butler XP Buddy System

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The Butler XP one or two button Buddy system works where each test room sends a message to a specific dispenser or number of dispensers who serve that specific room

The Butler XP One or Two Button 'Buddy' Handover Paging System for Specsavers

Competition is often the driving force of motivation in a sales team and creating small groups of 'buddies' will enhance productivity where handovers are concerned. The Butler XP works wonderfully with a buddy paging solution in Specsavers developed by LRS UK.


Once the test room needs to handover the customer to the OA the optometrist will press a button on the Butler XP to notify the members of the group of 'buddies'. All buddies that can visit the test room are notified and the first free OA will attend. Using LRS UK 'swipe technology' the buddy simply swipes the pager over the face of the Butler XP and a customised message is sent to other buddies to inform them that the handover has been attended. Fast, efficient and productive handovers are easy with the 'buddy' paging system.

Training Video of the Butler XP Buddy System

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The Butler XP solution is useful for where multiple custom messaging is not required by the site and is used throughout the United Kingdom in Specsavers.

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