Butler XP Manager Led System

Specsavers Training

The Butler XP 1 or 2 button manager led system works by transmitting a message to the pager that only the MANAGER has. The manager chooses which OA goes to the test room.

Butler XP 'Manager Led' Handover Paging System for Specsavers from LRS UK

Managing staff is not easy, especially where handing over customers to the OA's are concerned. This manager led paging system was custom developed for Specsavers to make this task simple for managers.


Making things easy is a trait of LRS UK solutions as we applied them to Specsavers opticians. A Butler XP - either one or two button unit is placed in each test room (messaging is fully customised before delivery). When the optometrist presses the desired button management will be notified which test room is ready for handover. Management will assign an optometrists assistant to attend to the specific test room for handover.

Video Training of the Butler XP Manager Led Solution

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If your Specsavers operates on the manager led idea then this solution will be perfect for your needs. Used throughout Specsavers without issues since 2008.

This training video is reasonably comprehensive, but if you need other information or would like to enquire further then please call 01782 537000 or use the form for contact on this website..