Butler XP Whole Team System

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The Butler XP one or two button 'Whole Team' system works with each test room using a transmitter that activates ALL pagers. The next available OA goes to the test room to meet the customer.

The 'Whole Team' XP Opticians Handover Paging System for Specsavers

Customer service is critical, but getting OA's to the test room for a handover from the optometrist can be tricky. Failure to do this efficiently and smoothly can cause quality of service, efficiency and profitability all to suffer. If staff are often in lower numbers for example at lunch or break times our Butler XP 'whole team' paging system is specifically designed for your Specsavers site by LRS UK - in fact this is the preferred solution for many opticians.


The Butler XP transmitter is used in each test room for the optometrist to 'call' an OA. When the optometrist presses the button then a custom message is sent to everyone with an alphanumeric pager (i.e. every OA). The optometrists assistant will go to the test room and 'swipe' the pager over the front section of the Butler XP. This action sends out a second message to all OA's to confirm that the handover has been handled. Because there are so many OA's with pagers this makes the whole team solution the best option to increase productivity, quality of service and profitability.

The 'Whole Team' Paging System Training Video for Specsavers

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The result of whole team solutions is reduced delays on handing over customers. Simple to increase staff efficiency and productivity from the press of a button to attendance by the OA and used in Specsavers sites since 2008.

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