CS7 Pro Customer Recall System

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Simple customer recall paging system used for 'on-site' customer recall. CS7 - the most advanced digital paging solution available today.

Easiest Customer Paging System Call back Solution

In a busy opticians you know that it can be hectic at busy times. Being able to quickly and easily call a customer back for their eye test or prescription not only offers a great service but it can also enhance productivity. Customers are free to browse the frames or to check other areas of the store in a very relaxed manner without worrying about 'will I miss my appointment' for example. And rather than having a queue of customers this system makes the queue 'invisible' thus removing any question of walk aways.



We have the most advanced but simplest to use customer paging solution available today. There are many features in the customer pager  system that are covered in the video below so for training purposes or if you just want to see what the solution can do this video is really the place to learn more.

CS7 Training Video for Opticians

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A breakthrough in pager technology and developed completely on digital paging for incredible reliability. The CS7 Pro customer recall paging solution can be used wherever you have queues on-site... and nothing could be simpler to use. Used throughout the UK in opticians sites that care about customer and queue management. Linked with On-Cue you have a complete wait list and recall solution suitable for any opticians.

If you have any other queries of how the CS7 works or its operation simply go to our contact form or call us on 01782 537000 and we will be happy to help.