frequently asked questions

We do get asked some questions a lot and our frequently asked questions section below helps to answer these.

General questions
We have developed four complete specialised methods of working and can guarantee that one of our solutions will be suitable for your Specsavers. Our system are tried and tested literally since 2007 throughout Specsavers.
There is no limit on the number of solutions and systems you can have on your Specsavers site. Typically the pagers are limited to 999 units! So we don't see that being a problem anytime soon.
All of LRS UK paging handover systems are completely customised for a given Specsavers site. Your site will be no exception. We are the only supplier that can accommodate each and every need that you might have and best of all there are no extra costs for this custom programming service - its completely free to every Specsavers.
We can easily cover most Specsavers sized stores. Rarely we have to use a secondary device called a signal boost repeater (about 1 in 200 sites) so we do not envisage any range issues.
Our solutions were developed with Specsavers sites around the UK. LRS UK handover paging systems are authorised for use by Specsavers HQ and our products are the only ones on the Specsavers intranet. Full information about us and the Specsavers account manager are on your intranet.
With LRS UK products, unlike some other systems out there we do not need to visit your Specsavers site. All products are completely custom programmed for your exact needs and will work first time when you receive them. Nothing could be easier and the best thing is that you don't get an installation charge!
We originated from the hospitality industry where customer recall is routine. Our latest solutions for customer recall (as used by other opticians in the UK also) is the CS7 customer recall system and the SMS customer recall system. Please do check these out and there are training videos on this website to show you just how simple these systems are to use.
Simple. We custom develop each and every Specsavers solution for their exact needs. There is no doubt that one of our solutions will work for you. Check out our simple training videos on this website to see just how simple to use LRS UK handover paging systems really are. And if the product ultimately is not right for you within 7 days we will refund your purchase when we receive the equipment back. We have not received ANY systems back in a number of years.
Yes. Our solutions are being used throughout Specsavers estate and probably in more than 90% of all sites currently. Our new OptiCall systems are gradually updating our older Butler II solutions because they are lower cost and more programmable.
FAQ 10
We offer Specsavers UK sites a full three year warranty against manufacturing defects and are the only paging company to do so. As a manufacturers office we stand behind each and every solution whereas other companies are just distributors or 'middle men' often selling far inferior products trying to copy LRS technology. Obviously damage by the user or operation contrary to manufacturers operation procedures such as third-party power supply, non Duracell or alcaline batteries, physical damage and water damage are a few examples of non-warranty failures.
FAQ 11
There are other unauthorised systems typically made in China without the features or benefits that an official Specsavers handover paging system offers. Typically sold by distributors, they usually suffer from poor quality, just a one or two year warranty and the sellers change brands frequently so that when you call them for warranty they no longer support what you purchased. Buying official Specsavers solutions is always lower cost overall in the end.