• LRS Handover Paging

    The BEST solutions for handover paging in the test room there is!

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  • Manager Led System

    Multiple test rooms managed by the opticians manager in a simple but highly effective manner.

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  • Buddy System

    Work in small 'Buddy' groups to achieve incredible handover results in the test room.

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  • Whole Team System

    Handover using the whole team solution tried and tested throughout Specsavers.

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  • New Hybrid System

    Find out about our new hybrid handover method it might just be right for you.

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  • Specsavers and LRS UK Opticians Solutions

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success; Henry Ford.

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Specsavers Training from LRS UK

Using LRS UK handover paging solutions

Since we installed Specsavers handover solutions back in 2008 LRS UK has continued to develop new and exciting solutions

for handover like our OptiCall™ paging system only available from LRS UK and used throughout Specsavers opticall-info


Perfect Communications

Our new and unique OptiCall™ transmitter custom programmed for Specsavers for each and every site uniquely will give you the best handover paging solution available today. Custom programming developed at LRS UK offices by factory trained experts offers a completely unique and powerful solution to Specsavers. Simple, effective and low cost!


New Methodology

Latest techniques

Having developed some of the finest methodology of handing over customers to the sales team is no simple task. LRS UK ability as a manufacturer utilising tried and tested techniques for customer handover management, we have recently developed a fourth method. This new technique is a hybrid of our other solutions. We can advise and help you to implement this new solution.


Reduced Pricing

New Low Prices

As the leader in handover paging in the UK and after we have developed the new OptiCall™ as used on many Specsavers sites we are pleased to confirm that our new solutions are now even cheaper to Specsavers. With this unique handover solution now fully available to Specsavers if you currently operate our older 'Butler' system maybe its time to upgrade? The advantages of OptiCall are clear to see.


CS7 Customer Paging

Latest Technology

Our very latest customer paging system now includes a CS7 Pro pager that can acknowledge receipt of a message when the CS7 receives it. This is a revolutionary move forward where our system actually knows when a message is not delivered to the CS7 Pro. Unique in the paging sector this technology can change the way you work!


SMS Text

Customer SMS Recall System

Recent updates to hardware that LRS makes for customer recall allows operators to send SMS Texts to customers cell phones to recall them when their prescription is ready. Bundled with other free services such as a 'promo' button for collecting customer contact email details this can be a very useful addition to recalling customers.


Waitlist Management

On-Cue System

LRS has recently released a completely FREE application for managing wait lists that is easily used for customer queue management in Specsavers. All you need is an Apple iPAD and download the application from the apple store. Once you have the app it is simple to manage queues within your Specsavers with the obvious advantage of increasing staff efficiency.



ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y


Being ordinary in any business makes any company an 'also ran' when it comes down to results. Leading business in any sector is not simply just luck on the part of a company. Planning, efficiency, quality of service to customers, returns on investment and many other aspects all separate the leaders from the followers. Using LRS UK equipment in any opticians is simply a game changer that will increase productivity and profitability as proven since back in 2008 when LRS first installed their handover paging solutions in Specsavers in the UK.

Being ordinary is not an option. Being extraordinary with LRS UK equipment is easy. With returns on investment of literally less than two weeks this handover equipment will make you extraordinary over night. And now with reduced costs you can't go wrong!

Incredible Results

with a little help from LRS

Increased Profitablility
Higher Close Rates
More Efficient
Increased QOS
Happier Customers