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Specsavers Opticians Handover Paging Systems and Solutions:

The LRS UK Solutions


The LRS UK handover pager system is flexible, powerful and will undoubtedly make your practice more efficient and profitable. They are designed to operate in a number of ways as follows:


Manager Led System

The system works by transmitting a message to the pager which the MANAGER ONLY has. The manager chooses which OA goes to the test room.

ADVANTAGE: The manager is in charge of who goes to the test room.

DISADVANTAGE: The managers work load is increased considerably in busy times.

The system comprises of: A choice of transmitter for each test room and one pager for the manager (plus a spare).


Buddy System

Each test room sends a message to a specific dispenser or number of dispensers who service that specific room.

ADVANTAGE: The Buddy system builds a team rapport and brings an element of competition to the business.

DISADVANTAGE: It can be difficult to ensure sufficient cover for the whole day.

The system comprises of: A choice of our transmitters for each room and one to three pagers for each test room depending on the staff utilization on site.


Whole Team System

Each test room has a transmitter which activates ALL pagers on site - the next available OA goes to the test room to meet the customer.

ADVANTAGE: Much increased staff availability at any time - but all staff do need to understand how the system works on site.

DISADVANTAGE: Provision needs to be made for lunch time and busy periods as well as what the expectations of them are.

This is the preferred LRS UK solution.

System comprises of: Choice of transmitters for each test room and eight to sixteen pagers (one for each staff member) but quantity of the pagers depends on the number of staff on site.


Hybrid System

The hybrid solution comprises of a mix of two of the above solutions. Please contact us for other details.


Introduction Video for LRS UK Handover Options and Solutions


Contrary to what some companies might tell you, the definitive solutions for handover paging systems in the world are described above. Each and every pager solution CANNOT work without specialised LRS UK equipment that includes such technologies as 'swipe technology' and other features that we design right in to our paging equipment. Solutions not based on our hardware are frankly inferior because of the design of the hardware supplied that cannot work as our hardware does.

LRS products only come from LRS offices and in the case of these solutions developed by LRS UK they are only obtainable from us.

With recently negotiated reductions in pricing of our solutions (including the new OptiCall™ from LRS UK with 'swipe technology') our equipment and methodology guarantees success for your opticians practice... its all based on technology that is proven for over eight years of service actually in Specsavers and used daily.

We guarantee all products against manufacturing defects for three years.

Specsavers have confirmed some time ago that the return on investment of buying one of these systems is literally just a week or so from their own checks - and that will be even better now that we have renegotiated new pricing structures for Specsavers.

For further information call 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.