LRS UK Lower Pricing to Specsavers

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New lower pricing structures for Specsavers opticians.

Even Greater Benefit to Specsavers

When LRS manufactures a product we don't make it down to a price. We make all of our products up to a standard. But doing this and innovating for the opticians industry does cost us a little more to manufacture. LRS handover paging solutions are not just thrown together copies of other companies products - ours are unique to LRS and you cannot buy an equivalent solution that has all of our features and benefits from any other company at any price - its that simple.


Because of our work with Specsavers since 2008 and because of recent developments of products like our OptiCall™ we are able to supply LRS complete opticians systems for handover at a new lower price for 2016 and moving forward.

We know that companies can make different choices, but it's always better to go with the solutions that are tried and tested in so many stores and benefit from our unique three year warranty against manufacturing defects. In reality, our solutions are around 60% better regarding ongoing operating costs year on year against other brands and you would be surprised just how much you could end up spending on inferior products from others companies.

The LRS UK handover solutions on this website are Specsavers authorised solutions.

If you visit the Specsavers intranet you will find our details and account manager name are all listed for supply of handover paging systems.

So for what is probably the best deal that a Specsavers could want then please do contact us on 01782 537000.