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Specsavers Training

Back in 2008 the idea of handover paging systems for Opticians was still in it's infancy. Optometrists would 'walk out' customers from the test room to the sales staff waiting back in the shop to help.

With careful deliberation LRS UK and a number of Specsavers sites developed the 'in test room' handover and the results were spectacular.

Developing a complete multi-method solution for handover paging is not as simple as some companies might have you believe. The intensive work that LRS UK carried out allowed us to create three separate and fully functional solutions to the handover problem (and later a fourth hybrid solution).

 But none of it would have been possible without the correct and importantly highly configurable hardware that could be demonstrably superior to all competitive products in the market. LRS UK's solutions have been tailored to exactly the specifications needed for your Specsavers operation. We custom program each and every product to your exacting needs and on delivery our products are literally plug and play.

LRS UK's close liaison with Specsavers ensures that you get excellent pricing, new innovations as they are developed and most importantly that completely custom setup that is best suited to your Specsavers from the solutions LRS UK has developed specifically for you.

LRS UK is proud to be the official partner supplying Specsavers with our solutions for handover paging systems and we're sure that as we move forward we will have some very exciting new products that we know will help Specsavers to remain at the top of the opticians here in the United Kingdom.