On-Cue Waitlist Management System

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If you need to manage any queue within Specsavers this new innovative and FREE app for Apple devices is exactly what you need - On-Cue from LRS

Managing Customer Queues with On-Cue for Opticians

When you can provide a fast service for customers what might seem fast to you might not be the customers view. Hanging around for maybe an hour or two usually is not at the top of any customers list. So how can you manage customers that want to wait for their prescription or service? Welcome On-Cue the free application for an iPAD that manages any type of queue simply and effectively and can include a number of methods of recalling customers whether on-site or off-site.


On-Cue manages customers easily and staff can see completely up to date wait lists and the exact position of any customer, how long they have been waiting, whether they are on-site or off-site and the ways that they are contactable. For example, with optional extras you might have customers on-site and need to recall them with our CS7 Pro customer pager, or alternatively with our SMS TEXT messaging (and internet connectivity) you could ask them to return if they are off-site. But you will always be in control of the wait list and if necessary move customers up or down the list just by touching the iPAD screen.

And there is more to the On-Cue application than just the wait list. With the optional LRSconnect (and internet connectivity) it is possible to collect data all about how long customers have been waiting. On-Cue allows you to set goals for waiting times simply, and the reporting can show exactly how you are doing in relation to those preset times. On-Cue has been developed recently and can easily be applied to wait lists for customer management within Specsavers.

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On-Cue is able to improve customer communications when the customer is either on-site or off-site. Managing wait lists effectively is critical in achieving the best quality of service for customers and if there are any extended wait times staff and management can easily see and take the necessary action.


For other information on On-Cue from LRS UK and how it might be used in Specsavers please call 01782 537000 or get more information by filling out our contact form.