OptiCall Buddy System

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The OptiCall™ Buddy system works where each test room sends a message to a specific dispenser or number of dispensers who serve that specific room.

Unique OptiCall™ Buddy Paging System for Specsavers

One way of achieving higher production and efficiency is allowing 'competition' to be part of the sales process. LRS UK based the 'buddy' opticians paging system on this premise. Having staff being part of small 'buddy' groups can create the spark needed to kick start recursively the handover process. OptiCall creates this environment when custom programmed with LRS UK 'buddy' method and is used throughout Specsavers.


OptiCall is installed in each test room with custom programing to your exact needs. When its time to call an OA the optometrist simply presses the button that corresponds with the prescription or service that the customer needs. The text message will be delivered to the group of 'buddies' that are responsible for the particular test room. The first free OA will go to the test room and 'swipe' the pager over a specified point on the OptiCall using our unique 'swipe technology'. This triggers a new message to all other buddies of the group to say that the call has been handled. OptiCall has other unique features not found on any other solution for opticians paging and will undoubtedly create a very smooth handover with the resultant increase in productivity and QOS.

Training Video of the OptiCall Buddy Paging System from LRS UK

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LRS buddy pager solution is suitable for all Specsavers sites, but in particular where you want to generate enthusiasm among OA's to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction while at the same time increasing profitability.  The new Opticall is used throughout Specsavers. OptiCall was developed with these programming methods specifically for Specsavers UK.

If you need extra training about the OptiCall buddy paging solution then please contact us on 01782 537000 or fill out our enquiry form