OptiCall Manager Led System

Specsavers Training

The OptiCall™ manager led system works by transmitting a message to the pager that only the MANAGER has. The manager chooses which OA goes to the test room.

OptiCall™ Manager Led Opticians Paging System for Specsavers

Optimizing any staff paging system to be EXACTLY what the opticians need can be very difficult. But the OptiCall™ manager led pager system keeps the manager in control of all test room handover responses. The manager can simply delegate specific OA's to respond to any test room. OptiCall™ takes over where the other LRS UK solutions left off! This solution gives the power to the manager for complete test room call management and was developed by LRS UK specifically for Specsavers.


Simplifying the management of OA staff to respond to a test room call is critical in some opticians. The OptiCall™ 6 button unit is located in each test room with specific programming of text messages for that room. When the eye test is completed, the optometrist simply presses a button that sends a message to the manager. The manager simply chooses an OA to respond to the particular test room for the handover of the customer.

OptiCall™ Manager Led Training Video

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The manager led solution meets specific requirements for certain Specsavers opticians sites and could be exactly what you need for handover. This OptiCall solution is used throughout Specsavers since 2008. With our new lower pricing to Specsavers in 2016 OptiCall makes incredible sense.

To learn more about the OptiCall manager led pager solution for opticians please call 01782 537000 or you can contact us directly.