LRS UK Unique OptiCall™ System

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Our original handover paging solution was based on our Butler II. But more recently we introduced the OptiCall™ Transmitter that is substantially lower cost with increased features and benefits.

A massive step forward in handover paging technology

When we developed the OptiCall transmitter we set out as a paging manufacturer to surpass all of our other products that we sold into the opticians sector at that time, but also to make a lower cost, higher specification and more flexible than any other product in the world today. And that is exactly what we achieved. The OptiCall is so good at what it does that it has been adopted by opticians throughout the UK and the rest of the world and remains the number one solution for handover solutions from any company.


It is entirely possible to use multiple units on any given site with a maximum of 9999 pagers - a ten fold increase in addressable pagers so its unlikely you will ever exceed the specifications of the OptiCall for your Specsavers site!

One feature of the OptiCall is our unique 'swipe technology' that is not available in any other brand. This is a feature that is used when the system is set up for a repeat page to staff until the call is answered. When staff approach the OptiCall they simply 'swipe' the pager over the unit to immediately send a message telling others that the call has been handled. This feature alone increases staff productivity exponentially.

The OptiCall was designed to look like an eye! take a look:


The OptiCall is just 100mm wide so is very unobtrusive and takes up a very small area of the working environment.

OptiCall supports both of our alphanumeric text pagers - our 4 line battery operated pager and our 1 line rechargeable pager.


For all information on the OptiCall or to upgrade your current system if older please call 01782 537000 or use our contact form.