OptiCall Whole Team System

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The OptiCall™ Whole Team system works with each test room using a transmitter that activates ALL pagers. The next available OA goes to the test room to meet the customer.

OptiCall Whole Team Paging System for Specsavers Opticians

One of the most important things in any business is customer quality of service. And where the handover of the customer to the OA with the optometrist is concerned this remains critical. It can actually be a make or break point for closing business. The whole team solution using OptiCall technology is designed to optimize the OA's availability to respond to a call from a test room for handover. Even if staff are on lunch then the 'whole team' solution can easily take care of shortfalls in most occasions. The OptiCall whole team paging system is the preferred solution for Specsavers and many other opticians.


For the whole team OptiCall solution an OptiCall is located in each room. When an OA is needed the optometrist simply presses a button that has the custom message and that text will go to ALL OA's on site (each OA needs a pager). The first free OA goes to the test room and uses the pager to 'swipe' over the OptiCall. This action sends out a message to all other OA's to confirm that the handover has been handled. It's easy to see why this solution is called a 'whole team' solution and this system maximizes the availability of staff to answer handover calls to the test room efficiently, effectively and will undoubtedly increase profitability.

OptiCall Training Video for Whole Team Solution

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Using the OptiCall with the 'whole team' setup increases quality of service and ensures a really transparent handover as far as the customers are concerned. Just a simple press of a button maximizes the whole process and changes everything up a gear! Used throughout Specsavers and developed with Specsavers sites.

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