LRS UK Pager Choices

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Our alphanumeric pagers are a perfect choice for any opticians handover paging system with some unique features...

Quality Pagers

As a manufacturer of paging equipment since back in 1993 then you will understand that we only make quality pagers. Cheap Chinese or other inferior paging equipment is actually false economy as they tend to be either unsupported by the seller if they break. Our pagers can be repaired in many cases thus reducing the operating costs of the handover system by as much as 60% year on year.

Our 4 Line Text Pager

Our 4 line alphanumeric pager can store the last 25 messages and can even auto switch off and on at given times to save battery power. It is compatible with all of our handover solutions.

4 Line Alphanumeric Pager Video

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Our SP5 1 Line Rechargeable Pager

The SP5 1 line rechargeable pager can store the last 4 messages but is far more robust than most alphanumeric pagers available today and used even in some of the harshest environments.

SP5 Alphanumeric Pager Video

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Lastly, we do have other pagers and may have supplied those depending on your requirements but in nearly every Specsavers site we have supplied one of the above units. For further information or if you are having difficulty in using either pager please use our contact form.