SMS Text Customer Recall System

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When customers leave the premises but need to return for their prescription it can be sometimes difficult to recall them. Our SMS recall system makes everything simple.

Simple SMS Customer Recall Service for Opticians

One of the problems of 'on-site' paging systems is that they don't have a range much further than the inside of a Specsavers store or vicinity usually because of limitations caused by the building itself (every on-site paging suffers in this way). But customers especially in town centre's don't want to wait around while their prescription or service is completed and often want to 'come back later'. This SMS text system allows you to take the customers cell phone details and simply call them back when their order is ready. Instant increase in quality of service!

The main reason to use this solution is that if you were to call customers on a regular telephone or cellphone you may be engaged for a while talking to the customer. This way the message is delivered concise and instantly and allows staff to carry out other work without being distracted.


Its the simplest solutions around and has an added feature of being able to collect email addresses for later promotional purposes with the customers consent. Data can be downloaded with our LRSconnect system.

Specsavers Training Video for SMS Customer Paging System.

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If you have any other queries about the operation of the solution or would like to know more just complete our contact form or call us on 01782 537000 and we will be pleased to help.